Upcoming 200hr Hatha Teacher training course 2023

Are you looking for an upcoming 200hr Hatha Teacher training course for 2023? If you prefer a small, intimate learning space this is the course for you.

I will be facilitating another four part 200hr Hatha Yoga teacher training course in 2023.

The course will run over 5 months, each module is roughly four weeks with a week break in between each module.
Classes take place twice a week, on Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings. There is also a portion of self paced learning.
Each lecture block is 2hr30min. You are welcome to attend in studio, Parkwood, Johannesburg or online via Zoom. 

Module 1 – this module is mostly a theoretical block

Theory, history and philosophy of Yoga with Yoga Nidra and meditation. Further topics include :

  • Different styles of Yoga and their relevance
  • Unpacking Ancient Yoga texts
  • Why Yoga shouldn’t be confused as a religion
  • Patanjali’s Yoga sutras
  • Yoga as a lifestyle
  • Misconceptions of Yoga
  • The practice of Yoga Nidra
  • Introduction to Meditation
  • Understanding traditional Yoga and its development
Assessments will include a book review and a practical teaching of a Yoga Nidra.  

Module 2 – This follow on module covers more practical teaching components.

  • Pawanamuktasana and the Asanas (strong practical component)
  • The art of sequencing
  • Pranayama – breathing techniques
  • Introduction to Sanskrit.
  • Introduction to Ayurvedic principles.
Assessments will include a written paper on any topic of your choice within the practice of Ayurveda. Teaching a micro lesson of pranayama and pawanamuktasana series. 

Module 3 – Theoretical and self paced anatomy pre recorded lessons

This module is of particular interest to me. Most Yoga teacher training courses cover very little content on Applied Anatomy. This structure covers 30hrs while including an understanding and exploration of the overlaps between the subtle bodies.
Parts of this module will be live lectures online/in studio in combination with pre recorded workshops.
  • Anatomy of the physical and Subtle bodies.
  • Strong theoretical component for Anatomy of skeletal system, muscular system, breathing mechanics and the joints in detail
  • Introduction to the Chakra systems
  • Pancha Kosha model
  • The Prana bodies
  • Introduction to Mudras
  • How to integrate the two systems together
  • The spinal column, brain and the nervous system
  • Prevention and understanding of common injuries
There will be tests for each anatomy module. You will be required to hand in a written assignment on either the chakra system, Prana bodies or Pancha Kosha model. We will also explore a practical assessment of teaching selected poses with modified variations. 

Module 4 – Brining it all together 

In this final module we will bringing all of the content together. Lectures will focus on strong practical components and theoretical revision. With information on Yoga for specific populations and/or contraindications. Included is a module on how to finding your unique teacher’s voice and preferred style of teaching.
We will also discuss the business of Yoga and managing different online platforms and hybrid teaching models.
You will be required to teach a 60min Hatha Class with a theme of your choice. 

The cost per module is R 5400, with a 10% discount for any continued modules. The course requires a minimum of 3 people to attend.

The course is set to start end of February, 2023 running until the end of July.

Additional teacher training courses and modules available over the year : 

All of the courses are fully accredited with Yoga Alliance international. The TTC is Hatha based but will also cover basic principles of Vinyasa sequencing.

For more information please email : theresa@theresamoodie.com