Eating Clean for Winter

Eating Clean for Winter With the days getting shorter and temperatures dropping, it is so important to keep eating clean for Winter. All of us forget that the best summer bodies are in fact maintained during winter! I know how hard it is to keep waking up early in the dark and the cold, but [...]

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My war on Cellulite

S*&#, F!*#, why is this happening! My war on Cellulite. My husband has long since affectionately referred to my thighs as the ‘whities’. You guessed it, since they are by far the least favourite part of my body; they are seldom allowed to see the light of day. Of late the crisis has somewhat [...]

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Iced Vanilla Latte Recipe

Iced Vanilla Latte Recipe What you'll need: Unsweetened Almond Vanilla milk Coffee Ice Cubes Liquid Stevia (sweetener available online here or Dischem) Ground Cinnamon What to do: Make fresh coffee Pour coffee into ice cube tray Chill :) Place frozen cubes into cup or mug Pour Almond Vanilla milk over cubes Stir in [...]

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