Yoga benefits for Kids

Yoga benefits for kids Yoga benefits for kids - what are the benefits of Yoga for children? Yoga has many benefits for kids. It can help with development, physically, emotionally and mentally. In the same way that adults benefits from the practice of Yoga, kids will also experience improved self awareness, co-ordination and relaxation. Yoga [...]

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Ayurveda and Yoga

Ayurveda and Yoga AYURVEDA and Yoga - why is it called the sister science of Yoga? Ayurveda is the sister science to Yoga. This ancient system of healing originated in India thousands of years ago. A science that is still applicable today. It follows a holistic approach to health care, considering all aspects of an [...]

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Dance Awake Movement Immersion with Rose Hay

Dance Awake Movement Immersion with Rose Hay Upcoming Dance Awake Movement Immersion with Rose Hay at the Honeywood Farm Yoga Retreat 22nd - 25th September 2023 I am delighted to have Rose collaborating with me once again during the upcoming Honeywood Farm Yoga Retreat. She has always been an integral part of this Retreat. Even [...]

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Chakra Immersion course with Shakti Yoga therapy centre

Chakra immersion course with Shakti Yoga therapy centre Be sure to keep an eye out on my events page and Instagram feed to find out more about our regular 50hr Chakra Immersion course, co-hosted with Ma Akash of Shakti Yoga.  Myself and Ma Akash of Shakti Yoga present this 8 week course on the Chakra system. [...]

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Upcoming Yoga Retreat at Honeywood Farm

Upcoming Yoga Retreat at Honeywood Farm Join us again for another restorative, inspiring Yoga Retreat at Honeywood Farm . Enjoy a long weekend in the  countryside as you recharge for the last stretch of 2023. Dates : 22nd - 25th September 2023 This will be the third Yoga retreat I have co-hosted at Honeywood farm [...]

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Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat

Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat hosted by physiotherapist Lindsay Harris at Khaya Ndlovu Manor House This was the first retreat I have co-hosted since the pandemic started. I could not have wished for a better return into the space of hosting retreats. It was an incredible weekend spent outdoors in nature surrounded by [...]

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Melody Hill Yoga Retreat

Melody Hill Yoga Retreat Here is a review of my recent Melody Hill Yoga Retreat with Taryn-Elise Herselman of Shakti Yoga Melody Hill  is a Yoga Retreat centre not far from Johannesburg in Magaliesberg. Very close to the Cradle of Humankind. It offers a fully equipped Yoga shala and makes for an ideal venue to host [...]

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Yoga Retreat, Kythnos, Greece

Yoga Retreat, Kythnos, Greece Join myself and Tania for our first Yoga Retreat in Kythnos, Greece. We will be co-hosting an Ashtanga and Yin Retreat at the incredible K4Kastellas Villa. A more remote setting than last year. This Yoga Shala overlooks the secluded beach of Kastellas. Views from the Villa The retreat in Kythnos this [...]

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Yogi’s across the Oceans

Yogi’s across the Oceans Yogi's across the oceans - Tania and I first met at the Elysia Yoga convention on the island of Amorgos in 2018. We kept in contact, comparing retreat locations, venues, potential teacher training courses and our general lives across the oceans. Tania Kemou was born in Athens, Greece and has been practicing [...]

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Yoga and Physiotherapy

Yoga and Physiotherapy Yoga and Physiotherapy - What are the advantages of combining these two modalities? And are physio's referring more to Yoga rather than Pilates? Before exploring this topic further it is important to understand what is Yoga and what is Physiotherapy. Yoga is an age old practice that includes breath control, meditation and [...]

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