Women’s Wellness Workshop series

Women’s wellness workshop series I am very excited to be collaborating with two extremely knowledgeable fellow Yogis, Taryn of Shakti Yoga Academy and Rulene of Maiden to Mother. Both very accomplished and experienced Yoga therapists who are currently running a 300 hr Women’s wellbeing Yoga therapy training. If you couldn’t commit to the full 300hr [...]

Yoga Retreat in Hydra, Greece

Yoga Retreat in Hydra, Greece Join myself and Catherine as we return to Greece for another magical island Yoga retreat. This year we look forward to hosting you on the magical island of Hydra. Dates : 2nd - 6th May, 2024 Hydra is a captivating travel destination with its timeless charm and unique character. The [...]

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Tongue diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Tongue diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine Tongue diagnosis in Traditional Chinese medicine is one of many tools used to assess a person's health. Practitioners examine the color, coating, shape, and moisture of the tongue to gather information about the body's balance and potential imbalances in Qi (energy) and blood. The body color of the tongue [...]

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Chakra Acupressure and Tapping workshop

Chakra acupressure and tapping workshop Upcoming Chakra acupressure and tapping workshop. Many of the ancient systems of healing can in fact be used together and principles of each system can be invaluable to managing your general health and well being. This workshop explores the overlaps and complimentary systems of the Chakras and the Ren and [...]

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Yoga benefits for Kids

Yoga benefits for kids Yoga benefits for kids - what are the benefits of Yoga for children? Yoga has many benefits for kids. It can help with development, physically, emotionally and mentally. In the same way that adults benefits from the practice of Yoga, kids will also experience improved self awareness, co-ordination and relaxation. Yoga [...]

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Ayurveda and Yoga

Ayurveda and Yoga AYURVEDA and Yoga - why is it called the sister science of Yoga? Ayurveda is the sister science to Yoga. This ancient system of healing originated in India thousands of years ago. A science that is still applicable today. It follows a holistic approach to health care, considering all aspects of an [...]

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Dance Awake Movement Immersion with Rose Hay

Dance Awake Movement Immersion with Rose Hay Upcoming Dance Awake Movement Immersion with Rose Hay at the Honeywood Farm Yoga Retreat 22nd - 25th September 2023 I am delighted to have Rose collaborating with me once again during the upcoming Honeywood Farm Yoga Retreat. She has always been an integral part of this Retreat. Even [...]

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Chakra Immersion course with Shakti Yoga therapy centre

Chakra immersion course with Shakti Yoga therapy centre Be sure to keep an eye out on my events page and Instagram feed to find out more about our regular 50hr Chakra Immersion course, co-hosted with Ma Akash of Shakti Yoga.  Myself and Ma Akash of Shakti Yoga present this 8 week course on the Chakra system. [...]

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Upcoming Yoga Retreat at Honeywood Farm

Upcoming Yoga Retreat at Honeywood Farm Join us again for another restorative, inspiring Yoga Retreat at Honeywood Farm . Enjoy a long weekend in the  countryside as you recharge for the last stretch of 2023. Dates : 22nd - 25th September 2023 This will be the third Yoga retreat I have co-hosted at Honeywood farm [...]

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Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat

Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat hosted by physiotherapist Lindsay Harris at Khaya Ndlovu Manor House This was the first retreat I have co-hosted since the pandemic started. I could not have wished for a better return into the space of hosting retreats. It was an incredible weekend spent outdoors in nature surrounded by [...]

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