How to start a Yoga Home Practice

How to start a Yoga Home Practice. A few tips as to how you can start your own Yoga Home Practice. Only seven weeks to go till I depart for London! My 200hr teacher trainers course with YogaLondon starts on the 1st June. One of the suggestions from the college was that I start my [...]

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Meditation and anxiety relief

Meditation and anxiety relief Transformation and change can be a gruelling process. It sometimes feels like the moment you tell your universe you are seeking an alternative path, it puts obstacles in your way. Making you think it was trying to test the very strength of your resolve. I decided towards the end of last year [...]

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My war on Cellulite

S*&#, F!*#, why is this happening! My war on Cellulite. My husband has long since affectionately referred to my thighs as the ‘whities’. You guessed it, since they are by far the least favourite part of my body; they are seldom allowed to see the light of day. Of late the crisis has somewhat [...]

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