Women’s Wellness Workshop series

Women’s wellness workshop series I am very excited to be collaborating with two extremely knowledgeable fellow Yogis, Taryn of Shakti Yoga Academy and Rulene of Maiden to Mother. Both very accomplished and experienced Yoga therapists who are currently running a 300 hr Women’s wellbeing Yoga therapy training. If you couldn’t commit to the full 300hr [...]

Chakra Immersion Course

Chakra Immersion course 50hr Ma Akash of Shakti Yoga and I will be presenting this 8 week course on the Chakra system. The Chakras are the subtle psychic energy centres that lie in the central nervous system in the spine and brain. They control the functions of the body and mind, and influence our behaviour and [...]

200hr Yoga Alliance Accredited Teacher Training Course

200hr Yoga Alliance Accredited Teacher Training course Four part 50hr Modules Over the course of 2021, I will be running a 200hr TTC course, but in 50hr modules. Each module will have written assignments and micro lessons or mini practical teaching demos where appropriate. You can expect guest lecturers such as Physiotherapists, voice coaches and [...]

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Voice Coaching workshop for Yoga teachers

Voice Coaching workshop for Yoga Teachers Why attend a voice coaching workshop for Yoga teachers? I am sure you spend much of your time preparing class sequences, finding the right theme, even the playlist. So why not work on your delivery of information and instructions during the lesson? Let us help you find your authentic [...]

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The Hip Joint

A The Hip Joint The Hip Joint - a Yogi perspective The hip joint is a complex, intricate and very relevant joint when teaching any movement modality. In my experience when teaching group Yoga classes, moving through quick transitions, it is not always easy to educate students sufficiently. You will often hear cues like: [...]

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