Can I join a class even if I have never tried Yoga before? 2017-02-12T11:17:42+02:00
Absolutely, but please let me know before hand. Yoga is like all exercise types, there are modifications and beginner options available.
What is Yin Yoga? 2018-03-06T09:31:54+02:00
Yin Yoga is a slower practice that holds each asana (yoga posture) for an extended period of time. This style is great for de-stressing, focusing on improved flexibility and very complimentary to any rehabilitative exercise program.
What is Vinyasa Flow?2017-02-12T11:16:12+02:00
Vinyasa Flow is a more modern day style of yoga that is currently hugely popular. It is a strong, dynamic and powerful practice that connects breath to movement.
What style of Yoga classes do you teach?2019-03-18T11:07:18+02:00

Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin

Is it possible to mix and match group classes with one on one sessions?2014-11-21T11:03:22+02:00

Absolutely. Not only is it cost effective but you reap the benefits of each offering.

Why do I need to pay upfront for my sessions?2014-11-21T11:02:31+02:00

When you book and pay for your sessions upfront you are more committed to diarising and following through with attendance.

I have a previous injury, how will this effect my training?2018-09-08T19:55:08+02:00

Most exercises are adaptable so that any further injury can be avoided. Please give full disclosure of diagnosis and previous treatment, the more informed the trainer the better equipped they are to help you.

How long are sessions?2014-11-21T11:00:35+02:00

Sessions are 45min long

What are the benefits of group training?2014-11-21T10:59:36+02:00

Group training is more cost effective, it provides additional motivation, training with others is supportive and fun.

What are the benefits of one-on-one training?2014-11-21T10:58:48+02:00

One on one training allows you to focus on your specific target areas and goals.

Will I be fit enough for group training?2014-11-21T10:57:51+02:00

Classes are structured in such a way to accommodate varying fitness levels. Time intervals are used instead of chasing a number of repetitions so you can work at your own pace. Adaptations to exercises are given to allow for beginner, intermediate and advanced options.

What should I bring to training?2014-11-21T10:56:56+02:00

Please wear correct training shoes, bring with you a sweat towel and water bottle.

How long will it take to see results?2018-09-08T19:55:08+02:00

We all progress at different rates, physical results take 2-3 months but in just a couple of weeks your mood, sleep patterns and energy levels will show improvement.

How many coaching sessions are required and how frequently are sessions booked?2014-11-21T10:55:20+02:00

These questions will be answered in your first coaching session, depending on your unique goals, budget and schedule.

What is the benefit of combining wellness coaching and exercise?2018-09-08T19:55:08+02:00

Whether you are trying to loose weight, eat better or lower your stress levels, coaching will offer you support and guidance along the way. A coach will hold you accountable for achieving your goals. The process encourages life long changes and provides a space to develop the clients ‘overall strengths and abilities.

What is Wellness Coaching?2014-11-21T10:53:55+02:00

Wellness Coaching is a process that enables you to expand your awareness of choices, improve your overall performance and enhance your quality of life. Wellness coaching helps you to become more self motivated to achieve your physical and emotional health goals.

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