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Boxing Yoga : What to expect

Boxing Yoga: What to expect As a Yoga teacher, wellness coach and fitness trainer a huge part of my philosophy is to stay up to date with current trends and too never stop learning or experimenting with movement. How else can I be confident in recommending options to clients? I have been threatening for ages [...]

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Best Training Program for Home

Best Training Program for Home Since I am going to be away for just short of six weeks, I thought I would share with you all my best training program for home. That means no excuses for missed training sessions on my return! Below are some of the best, very simple, user friendly options for at [...]

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How to overcome the fear of headstands

How to overcome the fear of headstands How to overcome the fear of headstands has been a huge challenge for me in both group classes and my yoga home practice, here are some things that have helped me. For quite some time the concept of standing on my head or doing various inversions kept me [...]

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Why you shouldn’t fear push ups

Why you shouldn't fear push ups Why you shouldn't fear push ups and why I encourage women to ditch the 'ladies' version. Whenever I start training a new female client, I ask them what their least favourite exercises are and if they have a no go zone. Without fail I hear the following:"Push ups and [...]

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How can exercise improve your mood?

How can exercise improve your mood? What are people really talking about when they suggest exercise as a method to improve your mood? Inactivity allows you plenty of time to ponder things and activate irrational beliefs that will only exacerbate an already low mood. Irrational beliefs can often be reinforced through apathy. The less you do the [...]

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How to start a Yoga Home Practice

How to start a Yoga Home Practice. A few tips as to how you can start your own Yoga Home Practice. Only seven weeks to go till I depart for London! My 200hr teacher trainers course with YogaLondon starts on the 1st June. One of the suggestions from the college was that I start my [...]

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My war on Cellulite

S*&#, F!*#, why is this happening! My war on Cellulite. My husband has long since affectionately referred to my thighs as the ‘whities’. You guessed it, since they are by far the least favourite part of my body; they are seldom allowed to see the light of day. Of late the crisis has somewhat [...]

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Fitness Travel Tips from a Blonde

Fitness Travel Tips from a Blonde while travelling abroad The most important thing about weight management is sticking to a routine and consistent exercise. So how to manage this if you are a high powered, jet setting super hero? It’s much easier than you think and unfortunately your current excuse list is about to be demystified. When [...]

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