I arrived safely in London

I arrived safely in London Journal Entry #1 After a sad goodbye, mixed with excitement and nervous energy, I boarded British airways double bus and took off for London. Note to self: next time I will follow my father in laws advice and book an aisle seat in the four block not the three block. [...]

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Best Training Program for Home

Best Training Program for Home Since I am going to be away for just short of six weeks, I thought I would share with you all my best training program for home. That means no excuses for missed training sessions on my return! Below are some of the best, very simple, user friendly options for at [...]

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Eating Clean for Winter

Eating Clean for Winter With the days getting shorter and temperatures dropping, it is so important to keep eating clean for Winter. All of us forget that the best summer bodies are in fact maintained during winter! I know how hard it is to keep waking up early in the dark and the cold, but [...]

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How to snack healthy at work

How to snack healthy at work   How to snack healthy at work isn't as difficult as you may think! Whether you suffer from boredom at your desk, high stress deadlines or just straight out exhaustion, hunger strikes as a reaction and a distraction several times throughout the work day. Most of us grab a [...]

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