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Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Yoga Ashtanga Yoga - an introduction to Ashtanga Yoga. There are so many different Yoga styles to choose from. It can be overwhelming to pick the right one for you. Easily my most favourite Yoga class at the 2018 Elysia Yoga Convention was with Tania Kemou. At the Elysia Yoga convention Tania taught an [...]

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Boxing Yoga : What to expect

Boxing Yoga: What to expect As a Yoga teacher, wellness coach and fitness trainer a huge part of my philosophy is to stay up to date with current trends and too never stop learning or experimenting with movement. How else can I be confident in recommending options to clients? I have been threatening for ages [...]

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Yogapero: Evening Yoga Classes the French way

Yogapero: Evening Yoga Classes the French way Yogapero: the perfect evening combination. A 60min Yoga Vinyasa Flow class followed by delicious, healthy aperitif’s prepared by Lara and of course, a glass or two of wine. While I was co hosting my first Yoga retreat in Corsica with Lara as Destination Namaste we came up with [...]

What teaching Yoga in Corsica has taught me …..

What teaching Yoga in Corsica has taught me... What teaching Yoga in Corsica has taught me about both my teaching style and my self practice. Having only been back home a week, it still feels surreal to think that Lara and I followed through with our epic adventure. A conversation on a beach in Nice [...]

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Destination Namaste: Yoga in Corsica

Destination Namaste: Yoga in Corsica I had a wonderful time in London and Kent, catching up with friends, seeing the sights and enjoying the long evenings of London Spring time. Still cold, the blue bells and tulips are a reminder that Spring really has Sprung! Gatwick airport is very user friendly, Easyjet really couldn't get [...]

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Yoga and Well being Retreat in Corsica 2016

Yoga Retreat - Yoga & Well-Being Retreat in Corsica 2016 Lara and I are old school friends that are passionate about well-being and promoting more conscious ways of living - hence the idea for a Yoga Retreat in Corsica. We have set out to accomplish a huge challenge by co hosting the very first Yoga [...]

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