Boxing Yoga : What to expect

Boxing Yoga: What to expect As a Yoga teacher, wellness coach and fitness trainer a huge part of my philosophy is to stay up to date with current trends and too never stop learning or experimenting with movement. How else can I be confident in recommending options to clients? I have been threatening for ages [...]

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Top 6 Yoga poses for insomnia

Top 6 Yoga Poses for Insomnia My top 6 Yoga Poses for insomnia came about since I often go through phases of incredibly deep, restorative sleep patterns and then patches of restless, disruptive sleep. Unfortunately I lack the constitution to cope well on little sleep. It makes me grumpy, irritable and with some days starting [...]

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Cortisol: good or bad?

Cortisol: good or bad? Cortisol is it good or bad? While it does have a positive effect on your body, like all good things, how to find a balance before it goes bad. You've heard it a million times, we live in a highly stressful, fast paced and demanding society. But what is actually going on [...]

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How can exercise improve your mood?

How can exercise improve your mood? What are people really talking about when they suggest exercise as a method to improve your mood? Inactivity allows you plenty of time to ponder things and activate irrational beliefs that will only exacerbate an already low mood. Irrational beliefs can often be reinforced through apathy. The less you do the [...]

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