Best Training Program for Home

Since I am going to be away for just short of six weeks, I thought I would share with you all my best training program for home. That means no excuses for missed training sessions on my return! Below are some of the best, very simple, user friendly options for at home training. Grab a mat or train outside on your lawn, here we go!

Always ensure that you are properly warmed up before beginning your work-out. You should aim to spend a minimum of 3-5min warming up. You don’t need treadmills or fancy equipment. Space dependent here are some at home warm up options :

  • 2-3min skipping
  • 2-3min jogging on the spot
  • 2-3min shuttle runs

I suggest completing three rounds of each option uninterrupted, with a 1min recovery between sets. Aim to combine 3 rounds of at least 3 options, this should take roughly 20-30min max. If you run outdoors or go for walks as extra cardio, these options are also ideal as ‘top ups’ to your training regime.

Option 1:

  1. 20reps body weight squat
  2. 20reps alternating legs reverse lunges
  3. 30sec-1min plank hold

Option 2:

  1. 20reps mountain climbers
  2. 15reps push ups
  3. 10reps burpees

Option 3:

  1. 10reps each leg of side lunges
  2. Squat with abduction 10reps each leg
  3. 10reps side jack knives each side

Option 4:

This option is great at a park to stop and do at a bench mid run/walk sessions.

  1. 10 step ups each leg
  2. 10reps tricep dips
  3. 10reps incline push up

Post work out spend some time cooling down and stretching. Visit my YouTube channel: Theresa Moodie Wellness Coach