Boxing Yoga: What to expect

As a Yoga teacher, wellness coach and fitness trainer a huge part of my philosophy is to stay up to date with current trends and too never stop learning or experimenting with movement. How else can I be confident in recommending options to clients? I have been threatening for ages to try out Boxing Yoga. On Sunday I was finally able to co-host a Boxing Yoga class at my new studio in Bryanston.

Boxing Yoga was born at Total Boxer in London in 2012 and has been growing steadily in popularity since. It was developed to support both recreational and competitive fighters. Regardless of your level of fitness or boxing background, Boxing Yoga is a fun and challenging workout.

Benefits include improving physical strength, stamina and flexibility, injury prevention, optimal performance and well being.

Boxing Yoga is incredibly popular in the UK, Europe and now even in California and New Zealand.

Boxing Yoga

Extended side angle pose Boxing Yoga style, fists in the air!

Boxing Yoga in South Africa

Thanks to Yaela Orelowitz, the South African Boxing Yoga representative, we can have a taste of this unique offering.

Many of you will know I have a strong background in Martial Arts, from Kobu Jitsu to Kung Fu.  Plus a little bit of Tai Chi. When I first met with Yaela I knew I had to give boxing yoga a try. We decided to team up and combine our expertise.

Here is what we decided to co-create…..

I taught a high intensity 20min boxing class. It made me realise just how much I miss this type of training. Both teaching and participating. Its all about that ‘back sweat.’ Air punches, drills, kicks… I love it!

Then Yaela talked us through a short introduction about the origins of Boxing Yoga. Discussing the benefits and the philosophy. Yaela reminded us to all have fun with the new movements and not too take ourselves too seriously!

What to expect:

Boxing Yoga has a slower flow than what I expected. The intention is to ground you and allow you the time to really focus. All the elements of a traditional boxing class are there, the bobbing, weaving and jabbing. But slower and with a mix of Warrior poses and lunging. Straight away you are aware that there has been a lot of thought and effort put into the methodology and foundation poses of Boxing Yoga.

Navasana (boat pose) with a Boxing Yoga spin!

The class incorporates playful arm balances, side planks and energising sequences of a traditional vinyasa class. All the while with a strong presence of boxing techniques.

Yaela is a great teacher. Her verbal instructions are deliberate and very easy to follow. She embodies Boxing Yoga.  All the moves are demonstrated and each progression is explained step by step. Yaela is terrific at reading a group class dynamic and finding opportunities to engage with each participant individually.

I’m hoping we can repeat our combo class in the near future! 

But in the meantime if you would like to know more about classes at my studio in Bryanston please email me:

For more information re Boxing Yoga please contact: Yaela: