Yogi’s across the Oceans

Yogi’s across the oceans – Tania and I first met at the Elysia Yoga convention on the island of Amorgos in 2018. We kept in contact, comparing retreat locations, venues, potential teacher training courses and our general lives across the oceans.

Tania Kemou was born in Athens, Greece and has been practicing Yoga for 15 years.

She attended her first Ashtanga yoga class in 2004 in Athens. The class was led by Savvas Giantsis. Everything about Ashtanga appealed to Tania. From it’s history and origins to the level of commitment and dedication it requires.

On completion of  a 200hr Teacher Training in Thailand, Tania started traveling regularly to Mysore, India. Each trip she studies at KPJAYI with Sharath Jois, the grandson of the late founder of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

After her first trip to India, Tania decided to quit her job as a lawyer to teach Yoga full time.

Tania has a calm and extremely kind teaching style. Gentle but strong adjustments that allow you to explore the full benefits of each posture. Matched by a quiet, capable confidence where you feel happy to attempt poses you might usually avoid.

Her passion for Yoga and particularly Ashtanga are present from the moment you step onto your mat in her classes.

Tania Kemou

Tania has taught in Greece, Paris and most recently in Berlin.

Having worked as a personal trainer for many years I also quickly recognised the benefits of Yoga in my own practice. My first 200hr teacher training was in London. I went on to complete an advanced teacher training in Johannesburg.

I am now registered Yoga teacher and teacher trainer with Yoga Alliance . Practicing from my studio in Johannesburg.  I teach a combination of Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin.  Combining lecturing modules such as Yoga anatomy modules and fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine on Yin Teacher training courses.

We both host annual local and international retreats.

I have had the privilege of teaching in Corsica, Croatia, Mauritius and one of my favourites, Greece.

Our paths aligned again in Athens this May. Both in Greece, hosting separate retreats. Tania in Mykonos and myself with fellow South African, Catherine in Kythnos.

Watching a magical sunset from a rooftop bar and restaurant in Monastiraki, the acropolis in the near distance, we thought why not host retreats together!

A Greek Ashtanga and Vinyasa teacher with a South African Hatha and Yin teacher!

What more could you want in a collaboration!

Our first retreat together will be in Kythnos, Greece, 23-29th May, 2020.

I was fortunate enough to meet Natasha and Dimitri of K4Kythnos during my last visit to Kythnos. The villa and Yoga Shala overlooking the secluded Kastellas beach make for the most ideal setting.

Too book for this retreat or to find out more information Click here

K4K Villa and Yoga Shala, Kythnos Yoga Retreat 2020

It gets even better!

Tania will be joining me in South Africa, October 2020, to teach at the annual Honeywood Farm Yoga retreat  and we will also be co-hosting a Yoga Safari retreat together.

So quite literally Yogis across the oceans coming together!

If you join us in Greece or South Africa you can expect to enjoy ideallic locations, absolute attention to detail, a welcome space to explore and challenge your current practice. Delicious, healthy meals to compliment the Yoga classes. Enough time to explore the hidden treasures of these two incredible countries.

There will be two daily Yoga sessions. Ashtanga or vinyasa in the morning and evening Yin or Hatha practices. Each retreat will have an opening and closing ceremony.

African Sunsets, Yoga Retreat 2020

African Sunsets, Yoga Retreat 2020

Classes will be suitable for all levels of practice, travel alone or with a friend or partner.

Perhaps the tranquil oceans surrounding the Greek islands are calling you or the open expanse of the African landscape.

Either way, Tania and I look forward to hosting retreats across the ocean and through the practice of Yoga, creating lasting, lifelong memories and friendships.

Yogi's across the oceans meeting in Athens

Athens, 360 Degree Rooftop Bar & Restaurant