Chakra acupressure and tapping workshop

Upcoming Chakra acupressure and tapping workshop.

Many of the ancient systems of healing can in fact be used together and principles of each system can be invaluable to managing your general health and well being.

This workshop explores the overlaps and complimentary systems of the Chakras and the Ren and Du energy pathways of traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Introduction to the Chakra system

The word Chakra comes from the Sanskrit word for ‘wheel’ or ‘disk’. The chakras are often described as spinning vortices of pranic energy which control the circulation of prana in the body. There are seven major chakras. These are arranged vertically along the Sushumna Nadi line, which runs from the base of the spine to the Ajna Chakra (6th chakra – situated at the brow center). The seventh Chakra is said to be positioned at the very top of the head.

These Chakras are linked by the Ida and Pingala Nadi lines – these are channels of Prana – life force energy that weave from the base of the spine to alternate nostrils. Ida : Left nostril, Pingala : right nostril.

In the physical body, the seven chakras correspond to major nerve ganglia, glands of the endocrine system and various bodily processes such as breathing, digestion and procreation. Each chakra is also linked to various psychological needs and desires such as survival, sex, power, love, communication, perception and understanding.

Chakras are sometimes referred to as lotuses as they open and close like a flower. When a chakra is closed, prana cannot flow through that chakra. We may then experience a lack in our lives in that chakra’s related area and our physical health related to that chakra’s related function may also be affected. For example, we may feel a lack in our ability to communicate if our throat chakra is blocked and a related physical symptom may be a sore throat or tight neck.

A chakra may also become overactive, causing an imbalanced increase in the activity of that chakra. When this occurs, the energy of the mind and body becomes consumed with that chakra, creating a deficiency in the energy that is directed towards the other chakras. This may also result in an excess of the characteristics associated with that chakra.
With attention and understanding, we can control, influence, and develop the chakras in such a way that they operate in harmony and in balance.

We may learn to activate and use the gifts of each chakra at appropriate times allowing us to experience planes of consciousness which are normally inaccessible.

The Ren & Du extraordinary channels (Conception & Governing Vessels)

The Ren and the Du are the only channels of the extraordinary vessels that have pressure points. The Ren runs up the front of the body and the Du along the back, following the spinal column. Making them very similar to the Sushumna Nadi line in the Yoga system. They connect when you place the tip of your tongue onto the top of your palette, a practice often applied to mediation techniques.

The Ren is considered the most ‘Yin’ vessel in the body and the Du the most ‘Yang’. These pathways are believed to already begin to form and take shape in from the very first split of the zygote creating the central axis and midline of the body on the front and back.

Each of the eight extraordinary vessels are said to form in utero, they are our blueprint, they circulate our ‘essence’, our potential, our genetic make-up and also the possibilities in our lives on a metaphysical level.

Join me for my upcoming Chakra tapping and acupressure workshop to learn how to integrate these two systems into either your current self practice and/or sequences for Yin Yoga.

The workshop will have both theoretical and practical components, no prior experience of Yoga is required but will be useful.

Open to all levels of teaching, practice and modalities.

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If you can’t join the workshop please feel free to contact me for personalized private sessions.