Yoga benefits for kids

Yoga benefits for kids – what are the benefits of Yoga for children?

Yoga has many benefits for kids. It can help with development, physically, emotionally and mentally. In the same way that adults benefits from the practice of Yoga, kids will also experience improved self awareness, co-ordination and relaxation.

Yoga by definition brings balance and harmony to the mind and body. The younger we are able to learn this and implement techniques to help us the better!

Children are also living in a highly fast paced modern society. They are receiving information constantly from many different sources and just like adults, it may be easy to feel overwhelmed and over stimulated.

Yoga can become a much needed coping skill for children to develop resilience and mindfulness.

Their growing bodies could also benefit from Yoga by improving general strength and flexibility.

It has also been shown to enhance concentration and focus. Practicing Yoga can improve the connection between mind and body. Which is said to increase a sense of confidence, emotional regulation and awareness. 

Breathing exercises taught correctly during the practice of Yoga can help children cope with anxiety, hyperactivity and circumstances that could be difficult for them to navigate.

Yoga is FUN, accessible and safe to practice with a qualified teacher.

Join us on Saturday the 23rd September 230pm, at our Honeywood Farm Yoga Retreat 2023 for a fun, interactive Kids Yoga class.