Yogapero: Evening Yoga Classes the French way

Yogapero: the perfect evening combination. A 60min Yoga Vinyasa Flow class followed by delicious, healthy aperitif’s prepared by Lara and of course, a glass or two of wine.

While I was co hosting my first Yoga retreat in Corsica with Lara as Destination Namaste we came up with this quirky name for our evening classes.

The spring evenings in Figari are so charming, the sun doesn’t begin to set until 9pm. Each evening teases you with a totally different light at sunset. Some evenings a pink hue, others dramatic sunsets surrounded by clouds and if you are in luck a red sky lowers itself gradually below the mountain range.

Destination Namaste decided to capitalise on these splendid evenings while hosting the retreat in Figari. The villa was the most ideal venue. Whether the evening Yoga class took place on the terrace overlooking the marquis and fields of goats in the distance or at poolside surrounded by wild lavender and rosemary, either way we were completely spoilt for choice!

Evening classes are slightly less dynamic, still a Vinyasa flow class but sequenced to allow you 60min to unwind and disconnect from your day. A gentle practice focusing on breath, flexibility and strength.

Poolside Yoga

While I was teaching the class, Lara would effortlessly prepare the most amazing variety of aperitiff’s.

Aperitiff preparations

Steamed artichoke heads with a basil and balsamic vinaigrette, freshly chopped carrot, courgette, radish and celery served with humus and tzatziki. Not too mention the cheese platters with locally produced goats cheese, croquettes and bread. The perfect combination to be enjoyed with chestnut spread and fig jams, both a staple delicacy on the island.

As if that wasn’t enough, freshly made quiche, flat breads topped with roasted peppers and goats feta were to follow.

All while enjoying conversation with a glass of organic, locally harvested and produced wine from the island.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if every evening could be celebrated in such a manner! Yoga, healthy food, a glass of wine, great company and spectacular scenery in the countryside.

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