Introducing Green Chef: Marijana Belosevic

Allow me to introduce Marijana Belosevic of Green Chef  Marijana Belosevic on the road again. Marijana kept us healthy, well fed and so happy during my Yoga retreat in Cavtat, a small town in the Dubrovnik region.

Marijana is Croatian born, vegetarian and extremely passionate about serving only the best local, organic ingredients.

Each morning before practice we were served a choice of herbal teas and strong turkish coffee. Plus optional fruit platters. After practice we enjoyed freshly prepared smoothie’s with ingredients such as spirulina, chia seeds and cacao blended with different fruits and vegetables each morning.

For breakfast Croatians enjoy cheeses, salads, olives, humus, frittatas and not too mention the mouth watering Burek.


Fruit platter

Fruit platter with freshly picked strawberries from the Villa’s very own veggie garden

Breakfast smoothie

One of the many delicious smoothie’s served each morning during the Yoga retreat


On returning back to the Villa from our daily outings we were met with equally delicious lunches. Hearty soups, which you would think unusual on a hot summer’s day. But with perfectly chosen ingredients, much needed electrolytes were replenished after spending a morning in the hot sun. The lunches were just the right amount of food to keep you satisfied and not too heavy before the evenings Yoga practice. On one day we even took a ‘picnic’ lunch of polenta and wild organic mushrooms. Whenever possible we enjoyed freshly picked spinach, herbs and pomegranates, too name a few, from the Villa’s own veggie garden.


Lunch salad

Salad’s served daily

Fresh salads

Fresh salads with daily meals


For dinner we enjoyed a variety of grains, lentils, chickpeas, all ingeniously paired, full of flavour and nutrition. Our last evening meal Marijana served tasty whole fish, fresh from the harbour at Cavtat. Think of wholesome Lentil curry Tortilla’s, buckwheat salads, stuffed zucchini’s, fresh salads all prepared with love and care.

Marijana even spoilt us with daily desserts that were sugar free!

Cashew nut cheese cake

Cashew nut cheese cake made with only raw ingredients

Cacao oat cake

Cacao Oat cake which none of us good resist


Five days of no sugar, no meat and very little dairy might initially sound overwhelming. But honestly, as a meat eating, sugar, caffeine consuming Yogi. I had absolutely zero cravings, no hunger pains and certainly no feelings of deprivation whatsoever.

I only wish we hadn’t devoured the food so quickly that we had more pictures to show! 

On behalf of Theresa Moodie Wellness and Green Yogi traveler thank-you again Marijana. 

For more information visit Marijana’s Facebook page:šević-on-the-road-again-1552911344939934/

Some photograph’s courtesy of Green Chef Marijana Belosevic on the road again.