Day activities during the Yoga Retreat in the Dubrovnik Region

During my Yoga retreats I intentionally set aside adequate time to explore the new surroundings. After all isn’t that half the fun of jet setting to a new continent to explore the elements both on and off the mat?

Thanks to Green Yogi Traveler ( we were able to enjoy some of the hidden gems of the Dubrovnik region.

Day 1:

Following our morning yoga practice and well earned breakfast, we headed out to a beach just a 15min drive from our Villa.

We had no idea what was in store for us! A windy path from the parking lot soon exposed the most immaculate and pristine coastline. Words simply don’t do it justice.

The walkway down

The walkway down to the beach

The Beach

The view as we came down the walkway

We were told we were very lucky since the water temperature was perfect and despite the short, somewhat rocky walk into the ocean. Once you were in you could swim far out and enjoy the salty, Adriatic seas.

I normally don’t like to spend a lot of time on the beach. Its either too hot for me, the water is too cold or it is over crowded. This beach was honestly near perfect.

Beach day

Before heading back up the stairs and windy walkway

Day 2:

Some of us decided to take the foot path from our Villa to the town and harbour of Cavtat. There is so much more to see and experience while walking rather than driving. Plus it is an opportunity to sneak a peak into what the local homes, gardens and suburbs look like.

On foot to Cavtat

On foot to Cavtat and taking a moment to strike a Yoga pose

Admittedly we missed the turn off so our walk became a little bit longer than expected… but well worth it don’t you think?

Cavtat city

Cavtat city, we finally made it.

Cavtat is a town on the Adriatic Coast of Croatia, southeast of Dubrovnik. It’s known for its beaches, quaint harbour and woody peninsula. One of the most beautiful, unique towns in Dubrovnik.

From here on it was a day lounging on deck chairs in the shallow waters, packed picnic lunches, even a beer and a coffee at the local harbour restaurant.

We decided a drive home was a better option before our evening Yoga practice.

Day 3:

Following morning Yoga practice and breakfast, the rain clouds set in and we retired to our rooms for some mid morning relax time. Before heading out after lunch to the Vodopic Wine farm in the Konavle Valley. Konavle is a small, old agricultural region of Dubrovnik in the most southern part of Croatia bordering on Montenegro.

Vodopic Vina is a family farm household of Ivo Vodopic settled into the mild slopes of Konavle. We were treated to a wine tasting in the family cottage. This vineyard produces a Merlot, a Mastrina and Malvasia blend.

Wine tasting in Konavle

Wine tasting in Konavle

Yoga in the vineyards

Yoga in the vineyards

We then took a drive to the southern most tip of Croatia, to an abandoned military fort and helicopter landing. The view over the bay looking onto Bosnia. Surrounded by such remarkable architecture and scenery. It is impossible to overlook the rich history and triumph of such a war torn country.

Abandoned military fort

Abandoned military fort

Handstands against an incredible backdrop

Handstands against an incredible backdrop

A perfect finish to an adventurous day : this spectacular sunset shot.

Final evening of Yoga retreat

Final evening of Yoga retreat

Thank-you again to everyone who joined this years Yoga retreat in the Dubrovnik region and to Green Yogi Traveler for the perfect day activities!