What is a Wellness Coach?

Wondering what is a Wellness Coach? Don’t feel alone, lots of people often ask me what exactly is a Wellness Coach? What services do you offer, what can they expect and why would they need one?

These and many more questions are very valid. With such a variety of life coaching services available it can be confusing to differentiate between Wellness coaching and more traditional life coaching.

So lets start with a more traditional Life coach role.

Life coaching is the process of assisting a person to identify and achieve personal goals. It is a solutions focused approach, with mutual accountability between coach and coachee to bring about conscious change to behaviour patterns and/or triggers. In a phrase, personal mastery. A life coach may well challenge and support you to define specific, measurable, achievable and realistic goals in a certain time frame.

A life coach is not a psychologist, mentor or counsellor.

People see life coaches for an array of reasons such as :

  • Career change
  • Problem solving
  • Improved self awareness
  • Greater life balance
  • Decreasing stress levels
  • Changes in behaviour patterns and/or internal dialogue
  • Higher performance levels both professionally and personally
  • Getting out of a ‘rut’

Life coaching becomes a temporary support structure to manage change and to assist in the process of achieving whatever your outlined goals may be.


What is Wellness Coaching

So where does Wellness Coaching fit in?

Much like life coaching, wellness coaching assists goals, change management and is based on the approach to total life management. With health and well being as a major priority. It has a more practical approach to decisions regarding stress management, disease prevention, adjusting eating habits and behaviour, improved well being and self image.

Wellness coaching is about the mind, body and spirit. It is about looking at all the different variables: environmental, emotional, financial, spiritual, social, occupational, intellectual and physical elements that make up your entire being. A holistic approach to your day to day activities.

Sometimes all it takes is a nudge in the right direction to get you going. Followed by commitment, accountability and education around healthy eating habits, different types of exercise and how to make healthier choices on a daily basis.

Wellness coaching sessions are informative and focus on self awareness, internal dialogue and small changes that can bring about great change. Whether you are training for your first marathon, struggling to loose weight, not managing to prioritise exercise as a new and working mom,wife and friend. Wellness coaching assesses the bigger picture, breaks it down and rebuilds new, more user friendly, sustainable systems to achieve your goals and ensure results.

I recommend Yoga in combination with Wellness coaching to manage stress levels, mood swings, improve focus and re establish a connection to your internal dialogue and inner self. 

A great deal of how we feel is determined by how we think, which in turn determines how we act. This can either perpetuate bad habits or bring about new, healthier alternatives.

I notice far greater results when combining coaching principles with different movement modalities, in particular Yoga. My Wellness Coaching services include consultation sessions, Yoga practice and exercise that compliments whatever your goals and objectives may be. When working with the mind, body and spirit, I feel that it is imperative to combine these aspects in a Wellness Coaching framework.

My wellness coaching sessions offer introductions to correct breathing techniques, body awareness, shifts in internal dialogue and implementing systems that are long lasting and not the latest fad or trend.

So why not give it a bash and book a complimentary first consultation?

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