Voice Coaching workshop for Yoga Teachers

Why attend a voice coaching workshop for Yoga teachers?

I am sure you spend much of your time preparing class sequences, finding the right theme, even the playlist. So why not work on your delivery of information and instructions during the lesson?

Let us help you find your authentic teaching voice. 

After all it is your voice that guides your students throughout the class.

From the time they step into the room and onto the mat, your voice creates the atmosphere which leads them through their practice.

Your ability to speak clearly and confidently is critical to the success of the class.

Think how differently you speak at the beginning of your class, during the peak poses and then again during savasana. There are many different moods and tempos to every Yoga class, regardless of the style or theme.

How many of you catch yourself out using repetitive language? Or non-verbal tendencies liking sighing? What about habits like using the word ‘um’ or the word ‘just’ a lot?

Have you avoided attending certain yoga teachers classes because you didn’t enjoy their tone of voice or dialogue during the class? I know I have.

Can you imagine a yoga class without a voice?

A voice guides and prompts the student, making them feel and respond in a certain way. Think about the way you want to make them feel in certain stages of the class and the overall experience. Are you using succinct, well thought out cues. Or do your nerves get the better of you and you find yourself tongue tied and literally at a loss for words. 

The voice determines how students receive the messages and instructions.

Think of your voice as a musical instrument. Anyone can blow on a flute, just as they can open their mouth and speak.

You can choose to play it well, or play it badly.

When teaching you need to feel 100% confident in your vocal ability.

The workshop will cover aspects such as:

  • A proper warm-up
  • Voice projection : how to project your voice naturally and effectively
  • How to relax the jaw
  • Breathing techniques integral to your overall tone and resonance
  • Nervous energy

Struggling to overcome nervous tendencies and anxieties? We will be covering some useful, practical steps you can implement immediately to overcome those hinderances.

As a yoga teacher, your voice is just as unique as the way you flow and style your sequence. Stop adopting other teachers’ personas and find your own, unique teaching voice. 

Here are a few tips from Voice coach Clare Staniforth :

1. Change up the rhythm. Think about what you want to express and how you want to express it. Is it something mindful that would be best delivered in a slow way? Perhaps it is something that needs energy and should be spoken with more speed and intensity.

2. Pausing creates impact. Use a dramatic pause to highlight important moments and give more impact to your message.

3. Explore changing the pitch, use a higher tone to lighten the mood and a lower tone to be commanding. How does this affect your delivery?

4. Experiment with different volumes. Especially when teaching outdoors compared to a private session.

5. Vary your inflections and make sure they are not always at the end of a sentence.


Bringing your best teacher voice will make all the difference to your success!

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Voice coaching workshop

Voice coaching workshop in action, practical exercises to experiment with tone and dialogue