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Fundamentals of Anatomy Workshops

Join Physiotherapist Lindsay McEvoy and Yoga teacher & teacher trainer Theresa Moodie as they collaborate to revise, discuss and apply Yoga specific movement patterns in this first ever Fundamentals of Anatomy workshops..

These two workshops complement each other:

Workshop 1 (February) – Hip joints

Workshop 2 (May) – Shoulder Joints

Each workshop Lindsay will recap the anatomy of the relevant joint. Theresa will take you through suitable Yoga postures to improve overall joint integrity. While highlighting some critical do’s and don’ts while managing dynamics such as group vs. private teaching.

Finally they will discuss and demonstrate two potential case studies of common pathologies.

Who is this Fundamentals of Anatomy workshop relevant for? 

  • Any current yoga teachers, yoga therapists and/or teacher trainers.
  • Ideal for cross modalities such as Pilates instructors, Bio-kineticists, personal trainers who incorporate Yoga applications in their teaching.
  • Anyone who needs a refresh for the shoulder and/or hip joint.
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