Omigosh! You want to cancel?

Here’s what you need to know about cancellations:

“This is the story of a girl. A happy go-lucky girl who showed up at the appointed time, all dressed up for the occasion. Prepared for another wonderful session of camarederie and friendly banter. She loved helping her clients achieve success – losing those few inches around the you-know-what, or getting stronger where it matters. This was her life. Her pride and joy. But on this occasion, after 10 minutes, she realises that something’s not quite right. She’s been stood up. Oh no! Her mind raced as she fumbled for her smartphone. Did they send a cancellation SMS? Did they send her an email? Was this the right venue? Were they OK? Should she wait another few minutes just in case they were stuck in traffic? The birds stopped singing… there was a deathly hush…”

A gripping tale with a moral. Of course you can cancel. But you can appreciate that as I juggle a busy schedule and rely on a time-based income – cancelling appointments can and should be treated as a potential loss of income – especially if cancellations are made at short notice. Please confirm the cancellation below should you decide to cancel an appointment – that way I can know not to worry about whether you’re okay. That would be a relief. And the birds will start singing again.

Also, please read my Terms and Conditions chapter. It too is gripping.

This appointment does not exist.