Yoga self Practice – sequencing ideas

Yoga self practice – sequencing ideas. In my previous blog post I spoke about how important Yoga self practice is and why. Here are some of my top sequencing tips and ideas for you to start developing your own Yoga self practice.

Yoga self practice – my top sequencing tips and ideas:

  1. Keep it simple

  2. Keep it playful

  3. Let your breath be your guide

  4. Include your favourite Asanas

  5. Keep it balanced

  6. Move like no one is watching

1. Keep it simple

Especially while you are starting out, keep your yoga self practice simple. Save those tricky backbends and inversions for when you are with your regular teacher.

My piano teacher always used to say it is much harder to unlearn something than to learn it correctly first time round.

2. Keep it playful

Keep your Yoga self practice playful. Remember as long as your alignment is correct, there is no other right or wrong. Yoga self practice is about tuning into your body!

So listen, experiment with movement and have fun with it!

3. Let your breath be your guide

I mentioned in my previous blog post that at the beginning of my Yoga self practice journey I really didn’t pay my breath any attention. Tune in to your inhalations and exhalations during your Yoga self practice.

You are not trying to keep pace with anyone else other than your own practice, so take the opportunity to really explore your breath!

4. Include your favourite Asanas

Which are your favourite asanas in your regular group yoga classes? Balance? Standing? Seated? or maybe even Inversions?

Include these in your regular Yoga self practice to get you motivated.

5. Keep it balanced

Make sure your Yoga self practice has a good balance between forward folds and backbends. You should do more backbends in your practice than forward folds.

Backbends include baby cobra, cobra and locust variations which are important progressions and warm-up options.

Take a few minutes to warm up and stretch the body. The best way to do this is by practicing a few rounds of your Suyra Namaskar. Avoid only stretching and include some strength moves, for example side plank, planking or supermans.

Like wise when you come to the end of your self practice include some cool down movements such as a few supine twists, glute and hamstring stretches.

6. Move like no-one is watching

Remember this is YOUR yoga self practice and the sequencing is all about learning to tune into what your body needs. So have fun with it. You have the freedom to move however you want to. You can thread different movement modalities into your Yoga self practice.

Be creative, spontaneous and move like no-one is watching!

Start with these 5 Asanas in your regular Yoga self practice:

After 6-12 rounds of your Suyra Namaskar see if you can link these asanas into a sun salutation sequence or independently.

Contra-indications include high blood pressure, lower back pain, sciatica and/or knee problems, some asanas should be modified during pregnancy. Please chat to your regular Yoga teacher or feel free to email me: should you have any concerns. 

1. Standing forward fold variations

Standing forward fold variations

Standing forward fold variations – remember to keep a micro bend in your knees. Forward folds give several of the same benefits as inversions, so practice with caution if you suffer from high or low blood pressure, lower back pain to mention a few.

2. Side plank

Side plank

Side plank: Remember variations include hand on hip, lifting outside leg, depending on your level.

3. Low lunge

Low lunge - experiment with different arm variations

Low lunge – experiment with different arm variations, remember to check the alignment of your front knee, avoid pressing over the toes.

4. Downward dog with twist

Downward dog with a twist

Downward dog with a twist, it is ok if you need to bend the knees and lift the heels to create the twist. See if you can hold for 3-5 breaths on each side.

5. Pigeon variations

Pigeon pose variation

Pigeon pose variations – the back leg can remain extended with hands resting on the hips or floor. Alternatively you can hold the back foot with one hand. Remember to use straps and blocks if you have them!

Remember to always finish your Yoga self practice with a well deserved Savasana of at least 5min.

If you are still struggling with some ideas why not visit my Youtube channel for a few ideas to get you started! Theresa Moodie Youtube channel

Pictures taken during my Yoga Retreat in Croatia September 2017