Yoga Retreat Itinerary

Kythnos, 16th-20th May 2019

Here it is ! As promised, the Yoga Retreat itinerary for Kythnos, 16th-20th May 2019.

Catherine and I have put together what we feel is the ideal itinerary. Whether you are a beginner, a more advanced Yogi, we have made sure you will enjoy all the classes. Fortunately thanks to trial and error during other retreats we know just how to find the balance between structure and playfulness! 

We are so excited to meet you at the hidden gem of an island, Kythnos! 

Image courtesy of Porto Klaras hotel

16th May :

Depart from Athens (Port and time to be confirmed)
Arrival in Kythnos via Ferry
Collection from port to Porto Klaras

Check in and settle

Evening PracticeOpening ceremony followed by Yin & Yoga nidra practice

Dinner at local taverna of your choice

Join us for Yoga in Greece

17th May :

Grounding Vinyasa practice: back to basics. This dynamic morning practice will reinvigorate your senses and allow the body come back to life after the travel time. It will also fine tune technique and form regarding the key asanas (physical postures) as practiced in a typical Vinyasa based Suyra Namaskar (sun salutation).

Breakfast served at local taverna within walking distance from the hotel

Hike for those who would like to join: Loutra – Apokrousi – Kolonna beach

We will stop for lunch in Apokrousi and those who would like to go on further to Kolonna beach will continue.

This hike takes at least 2hrs and crosses a large part of the island from Loutra down to the beach of Apokrousi and if you want, to the beautiful  beach of Kolonna.  Apokrousi beach is considered the second best beach in Kythnos. There are a couple of tavernas and a popular beach bar.

We recommend going the extra distance to see Kolonna. Kolonna is the island’s most famous beach. It is a pristine double bay with a thin strip of sand. Imagine a peninsula leading to an offshore islet. Please keep in mind there is not much shade at this beach.

Evening practice – Gentle Yin and Yoga nidra practice

Dinner at local taverna of your choice

The island by night, image courtesy of Porto Klaras Hotel.

The island by night, image courtesy of Porto Klaras Hotel.

18th May :

Arm balance and inversion workshop: While on a retreat there is more time to work towards some of the typically strenuous or intimidating postures. We will work on strength techniques for upper body and core, often overlooked when practicing arm balances and inversions.
This session is designed to be playful and we will safely navigate you away from your comfort zone. Educating you on how to approach these more challenging postures with confidence and self awareness.

Breakfast served at local taverna

Short walk to Shinari beach for those who wish to join and spend the morning there. It is accessible by foot and very close to the hotel.

Sight seeing in Chora for lunch and afternoon, explore the narrow streets that date back to the 17th Century and take in the amazing views. The Monastery of Panagia Nikous is located just outside Chora. This monastery has an incredible historical and architectural interest, well worth a visit.

Evening practice : Visit to the hot springs 

The thermal springs of Loutra have been in use since Roman times and are said to have healing benefits. They are an easy 500m walk from the hotel.

Loutra has two springs: the spring of Agioi Anargyroi with saline waters whose temperature reach 38C, and the spring of Kakavos with waters rich in iodine, bromium and sodium chloride whose temperature can reach 52C.

Dinner at your leisure

Arm balance play

Arm balance play

19th May :

Hatha ClassHa translates to the meaning “sun” and tha meaning the “moon.” Referring to the balance of masculine and feminine aspects. Haha yoga is a path to creating balance in the mind, body and spirit. Most styles of Yoga originate from Hatha. This traditional Hatha Yoga class will begin with a short meditation, followed by a physical practice and close with Pranayama (breathing techniques).

Breakfast at local taverna

Day for you to enjoy any activities or repeat visits to favourite beaches, hot springs or local town. If you would like to hire a car on the island this is an ideal day to do so.

Evening practice : Yin session with reflections on Retreat and Yoga Nidra

Dinner at local taverna

Typical Greek Meze dinner

20th May :

Closing ceremony and practice.

Breakfast served at local taverna.


Transportation from hotel back to Port.

Depart from port return to Athens (Ferry time and port in Athens to be confirmed).

A few final reminders

*Please note ferry times will be finalised closer to the time. Catherine and I will meet the group in Kythnos on the 16th May and travel back to Athens with the group on the 20th.

*Price includes Yoga classes, accommodation and breakfast. Transport for port in Kythnos to hotel.

*Cost excludes transport to Athens, Athens to Kythnos and return. Any additional activities such as hiring a car on the island, museum tours etc will be at your own expense.

We can't wait to have you join us !

We can’t wait to have you join us !