Yoga retreat Itinerary, Hydra

2nd – 6th May, 2024

A Yoga retreat theme can revolve around many different concepts : mindfulness, self discovery, inner peace and holistic wellness.

Catherine and I have interwoven several of these concepts around the  theme of Water.

Yoga play in Athens

Since you will be joining us on one of the most spectacular islands in Greece, Hydra, we simply couldn’t resist the theme of Water for this retreat.

Immerse yourself in water

When you arrive at the port of Hydra you will take a water taxi to the 5 star Mandraki Beach Resort. At Mandraki Beach Resort each room has its very own private swimming pool and the beach is within view and walking distance.

Your very own swimming pool

Your very own swimming pool awaits

Not to mention on Hydra you can always find a slab of sun warmed rocks to dive into some of the clearest water in the world!

Mandraki view

Mandraki Beach Resort

What better theme to select than that of water. Together we will explore fluidity, adaptability, purification and even letting go. In East Asian medicine Water is the element that represents both the end of a cycle and new beginnings.

We will delve into the symbolic meaning of water in the Chakra system, the 5 elements of East Asian Medicine and how it relates to emotional healing and spiritual growth.

Views from the port of Hydra

Day 1: Arrival

• Welcome and orientation
• Evening Opening ceremony, yoga session & yoga nidra with Theresa – Introducing the theme of Water for the retreat.
• Group dinner at local taverna

Day 2: Morning

• Morning Vinyasa yoga practice led by Catherine – Immerse yourself in Island life. Find fluidity and flexibility in both mind and body, allow yourself to embrace change and adaptability much like water moulds to its surroundings.
• Healthy breakfast

Day 2: Afternoon after lunch

• Free time for exploration or relaxation
• Afternoon yoga workshop on the Chakra system – focusing on the Svadhisthana/Sacral Chakra (elememt of Water)
• Evening Yin Yoga with Theresa – the Theme of Water in Eastern Philosophies, the Element, its Yin & Yang organs and self acupressure points to regulate the channels.

Day 3: Morning

• Vinyasa yoga & arm balance play with Catherine – Explore the balance between strength and softness, power and grace, inspired by the way water can be both powerful and gentle depending on its form.
• Group breakfast
• Nature walk for those interested

Day 3: Afternoon after lunch

• Restorative yoga session with Theresa – Encouraging introspection and self reflection during the practice, inviting you to connect with your inner depths and emotions, much like the hypnotic effect of gazing out to the ocean’s horizon.
• Free time for beach and exploring
• Evening silent walking meditation

Day 4: Morning

• Beach yoga session (weather compliant) with Catherine – Emphasizing the rhythmic ebb and flow of the breath, syncing breath with movement in this Vinyasa Flow sequence designed to mimic the rise and fall of the ocean waves.
• Group breakfast
• Personal time

Day 4: Afternoon after lunch

• Free time for beach activities or leisure
• Closing ceremony and reflection with Theresa

Day 5: Departure

• Morning yoga gentle vinyasa taught by Catherine – Gentle and grounding practice with stillness and stability, incorporating soft, continuous transitions between poses, ensuring that you leave the retreat feeling calm, at ease and ready to return back to your day to day reality and commitments.

• Breakfast and check out

Please note that the itinerary may change depending on weather and/or changes to other activities.

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Sunsets on Hydra