Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat

Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat hosted by physiotherapist Lindsay Harris at Khaya Ndlovu Manor House

This was the first retreat I have co-hosted since the pandemic started. I could not have wished for a better return into the space of hosting retreats. It was an incredible weekend spent outdoors in nature surrounded by wide open spaces and animals.

Not only did participants enjoy daily Yoga & meditation sessions, but also a variety of complimentary workshops.

Participants could join for the full three day retreat or choose to attend one or two full days. 

We all definitely needed to take a pause to enjoy the outdoors and check in with ourselves.

Complemented by healthy meals, Game drives and a guided walking meditation.  In case you missed the information about cost & itinerary, keep reading! 

Khaya Ndlovu Manor lodge

The view from the restaurant and deck at Khaya Ndlovu Manor House 

Cost of the retreat: Included accommodation, Yoga classes, meals, workshops and game drives

Thursday – Sunday : R 8750 pps 

Friday – Sunday : R 6650 pps 

Friday Full day : R 2050 (including guided walk) 

Saturday Full day : R 2250 (including Game drive)

EXCLUDES : transportation to and from venue, Yoga mat and equipment, drinks & beverages, gifts from curio shop, additional personal travel essentials, treatments at the Spa.  

Yoga sessions

Yoga sessions opening ceremony at Khaya Ndlovu

Itinerary :

Thursday 26th – Arrive at Khaya Ndlovu Manor House, check in from 2pm

                           4pm Free writing workshop with Merle Levin 

                           7pm Dinner

Friday 27th – 7am Walking Meditation 

                     830am Breakfast 

                      1030am Mindfulness workshop with Nicola Aylward 

                       1230pm Lunch 

                      FREE TIME 

                    330pm Hatha Yoga

                       430pm Meditation 

                       7pm Dinner

Saturday 28th – 7am Meditation 

                           730am Vinyasa Yoga 

                           830am Breakfast 

                           1030am Free yourself with through art with Gill Haggis 

                           1230pm Lunch 

                            2pm Yin Yoga 

                           330pm Game Drive followed by dinner 

Sunday 29th – 8am Yoga 

                        9am Breakfast 

                        Downtime, pack up and check out by 1030am 


The workshops

Creative Writing with Merle Levin

Merle Levin is an accomplished writer and Mindfulness facilitator. During the weekend she led a creative writing workshop, Merle’s messy method. A mind-free writing method. A free style approach to writing without expectation, fear or any intentional direction other than to let the words flow.

Mindfulness with Nicola Aylward

Nicola Aylward is a physiotherapist with a special interest in Women’s well being. She runs several courses and workshops throughout the year. Nicola facilitated and introductory session to some useful breathing techniques that can be applied to help manage stressful situations.

Free yourself through art with Gill Haggis

A splendid and messy workshop where everyone was able to dive into their creative energies. Using mediums such as water paints, pastels, glitter and different textures. Gill is an art teacher and works with children and adults to explore a freedom of expression through artwork.

Online workshops

Online workshops facilitated during the retreat

Guided Walking Meditation

This was a first for me, I have never experienced walking through the bush with a Game ranger. We set out on foot first thing in the morning, in silence. While weaving through the expansive open spaces we were able to take in all of the early morning sounds of the bush. Birds chatting, the sun rising and seeing different animal tracks.

An incredible opportunity to tune out of the usual hustle & bustle of the city and really ground and connect us all to present moment.

Guided walking meditation

Early morning guided walking meditation

Yoga Classes

It is always such a privilege to teach during a retreat. There is a little bit of extra time before and after each session and no one is rushing back to their car to get somewhere under pressure.

Classes were held outdoors at different locations at the lodge. We enjoyed a few quick visits from monkeys playing in the trees, warthogs in the distance and incredible bird life for our class soundtracks.

Styles taught included Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin with a combination of meditation & Yoga Nidra.

Yoga sessions

Early morning Yoga practice

What participants had to say : 

“Lindsay & Theresa hosted a fabulous retreat! The balance between Yoga & finding creative and insightful space was good. This retreat is highly recommended to help you stay grounded and find joy in every moment of life!”

  • Jacqui (local resident in Hoedspruit)

For more information about other offerings hosted by Lindsay, please contact : 

Sunset Game drive

Sunsets at Khaya Ndlovu Manor House