Where did the time go?

Journal Entry #5

Where did the time go? At the end of each week I have to submit a summary of our weeks journal entries. I just sent my email and can’t quite believe I have just one full week left of classes. It seems so surreal.

Each week has started out the same, nervous energy, a little bit apprehensive. By the end of the week my brain feels like a melting pot of information and my body achy and ready for rest! The extra cardio, flexibility and strength training I did before I left has really paid off. I also foam roll every morning before class, which has saved my life, well my legs anyway! Not too mention my daily dose of berocca and glutamine. Anything to help these old bones.

The teaching methodologies at YogaLondon are amazing. They layer and layer all the information with such precision that you retain far more learning than you actually realise. There is much to be said for combining all three methods of learning: visual, auditory and kinaesthetic.

This week was quite intense, meditation, mindfulness, Bhagavad Gita and Sanskrit. The sutras and history of Yoga. (Capital Y!) Really fascinating discussions with a such a diverse group of women from all over the world. Different cultures, religions and life journeys all able to converse and express their opinions with respect and integrity.

I write anatomy on Monday, have a lengthy week ahead of learning Sanskrit pose names (my brain seems to currently be at Sanskrit capacity and I still have about another 30 pose names to learn!), lots of practical teaching and a short philosophy paper to write.

Best I get on with it!