My First Day of College

Journal entry # 2

My first day of College at YogaLondon started off with the usual panic and uncertainty of any first day: how much time do I need to eat my breakfast, walk to the bus stop (with the expectation of actually finding the bus stop) and walking from the bus stop to the venue. What should I pack for lunch? Which textbooks should I take with me? What will the other people doing the course be like?

Thankfully it wasn’t pouring with rain but I do need to mention that I have yet to feel like I am on any sort of summer continent. If anything the current weather reminds me of winters in Stellenbosch.

Note to self when travelling on a bus it is imperative that you actually push the stop button to make sure the bus does in fact stop at your required destination! So far I have to say my sense of direction has been above average compared to previous travel experiences. I have used the underground, bus lines, Uber and the trains. I did manage to make an amateur mistake by swiping my Oyster card instead of my train ticket when getting off at Victoria Station.

Never mind the initial panic of getting around, class is like a over saturation of information and an intense feeling of that all to familiar ‘consciously incompetent’ phase of learning. The four stages of learning are classified as unconsciously incompetent, consciously incompetent, consciously competent and unconsciously competent. I am looking forward to feeling consciously competent by the end of the four weeks. Basically I am trying to stay calm, focussed, present and avoid becoming competitive and overly critical of myself. Let’s see how that goes!

We have started learning postures with a base in Ashtanga, it is amazing how the slightest shift of more bend or less bend in the knees can totally throw you. Muscle memory is a powerful tool but makes ‘unlearning’ sequences very challenging.

The teachers have all been amazing, cleverly using the appropriate terminology during the practical classes that feed into the theory lecture that follows after our tea break.

A little bit homesick but nothing a whatsapp call, message, Skype or email hasn’t helped.

Hold thumbs my body can manage the two hours of yoga practice everyday. I love the walk home from class, it clears my head, dissipates the build up of lactic acid and the energy in the streets, especially at home time is incredible. I pass by Madame Tussauds, the Royal Academy of Music, beautiful old buildings and Regents Park.

Perhaps the novelties will have worn off by week four and I will be longing for the comfort of my own car back home!