Dance Awake Movement Immersion with Rose Hay

Upcoming Dance Awake Movement Immersion with Rose Hay at the Honeywood Farm Yoga Retreat 22nd – 25th September 2023

I am delighted to have Rose collaborating with me once again during the upcoming Honeywood Farm Yoga Retreat. She has always been an integral part of this Retreat. Even better, this year she will be leading a Dance Awake Movement Immersion practice. 

Rose has a deep connection with nature and thrives on deepening that connection by sharing it with other people.

Rose did her foundational yoga qualification at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram in Madurai, India in 2012. Over the years she has continued to immerse herself in many different types of yoga and dance. Also a qualified Yoga 4 Kids teacher, Rose has been teaching her own intuitive styles of yoga for 11 years.
You can find her teaching weekly yoga classes and monthly dances at her own Off-the-Grid yoga and dance studio in Suurbraak, Super Natural AbunDance Yoga Studio. (@rosehay7).

Rose is extremely passionate about Conscious Dance and is a Dance Awake Facilitator. For more information about Dance awake

By combining a particular fascination with the integration of the emotional and energetic realms into the physical body, embodiment is what Rose believes we are here for.
Conscious Dance is a potent therapy to counteract our modern life stressors. It provides such a unique, safe space for processing our individual and collective narratives. On a physiological level, dance boosts the immune system and reduces cortisol levels, thereby de-stressing people.

Magic happens when people let go and dance! 

The Dance Awake Movement Immersion class will be an eclectic mix of music that supports you on a musical journey. The musical wave will lead you through the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. During which you will have the opportunity to explore the thoughts and emotions that are alive within you and express them through shapes, gestures and movements.
The dance will be lightly facilitated, with some yoga stretching for warm-up and some gentle guidance to help you get into your body. But there are no moves to get right or wrong. You will be encouraged to explore free-form movement dance.

It’s going to be a deep-dive, but a fun one too! Rose is the ideal facilitator to guide you on this journey. 

Rose will also be leading mindful silent meditation walk followed by a meditation.

For more information on the upcoming retreat or to see the full itinerary : Honeywood Farm Yoga Retreat or email :

Dance Awake Immersion Class – Sunday 24th September 5pm 

Silent walking meditation – Sunday 24th September 4pm