Bonafacio: A must see while in Corsica

Bonafacio: A must see while in Corsica

I had seen several pictures of Bonafacio, Lara even described the first time she saw this magnificent city when she sailed into port. But trust me, nothing can prepare you for the splendour that is Bonafacio.


Bonafacio is located directly on the Mediterranean Sea, the Strait of Bonafacio separates it from Sardinia. Situated on the southern most tip of the island it is the largest commune of Corsica.

From sea it appears to be a white city, gleaming in the sun and hovering above rough waters below.

It is divided into two cities: Vielle Ville (the old town) and la Haute Ville (the upper city). Approximately a 45min drive from Porto Vecchio and even closer from Figari. You can expect gentle winding roads while you meander your way to this unique paradise.

Sites of Bonafacio

Whether you explore the restaurants, bars and shops at the port, or choose to follow the staircases from the upper city along the edge of the cliffs to the coastline, you will marvel at every opportunity the city has to offer.

Cobbled streets, incredible watch towers, abandoned military forts, even local markets, this is a destination you will definitely want to revisit time and time again.

Streets of Bonafacio

The city has maintained the charm of an old european city but with all the modern day amenities. Take a bicycle tour, a day yacht trip around the coastline or merely explore the surrounds as they unfold.

It is preferential to speak a little bit of French but the locals are all very friendly and helpful. If you are as lucky as I was, you could have the perfect local bilingual hostess to show you around.

Lara can navigate her way through this majestic city with absolute ease, whether you prefer exploring the old town or the upper city she knows exactly where to go and what to see. Her knowledge of the local cuisine, culture and best viewing spots makes the experience even more enriching!

The port of Bonafacio

Bonafacio: an absolute must see while in Corsica! 

Thank-you to Lara Boshoff for her amazing photographs!